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Scientific industrial enterprise "Extruder" works since December 15, 1900, it was organized by a group of engineers and researchers in order to produce equipment they invented and patented. The equipment is based on the idea of producing seed oil from practically any product containing oil, without using the additional expensive equipment and thus economizing on electricity and maintenance workers.
In the beginning of its work "Extruder" was a small enterprise with two-room space for the collective. The production of parts and their assembling was done in rented rooms of government enterprises. The collective of "Extruder" had nothing but original ideas and the belief in the work they do. Now, after so many years of hard work "Extruder" is an enterprise which has practically full production cycle, own production spaces and the administrative building. Working collective consists of highly qualified engineers and workers of high qualification. Top positions are taken by people who have scientific degrees and academic ranks.
Director General and the founder of the enterprise Vasiliy Valiliyevich Sulima is rewarded by honorary international order "Zolotoy Mercury" ("Golden Mercury") and marked by the rank "Business Man of Ukraine". He is using his knowledge in engineering and wide experience in production including his work abroad and traineeship in the USA according to the plan of Marshall "Revival of Ukrainian Economics" successfully for the development of the enterprise.
Without any stop the enterprise continues its development: the geography of the activity and distribution of the product is getting wider, new markets are being studied and we are looking for new partners to create common enterprises abroad. As there is the necessity to increase the amount of production the staff is increased also by young specialists. Production and storehouse spaces are increased also as well as machinery equipment and new technologies are implemented widely.
Now "Extruder" enterprise is the leader among the producers of agricultural equipment in CIS market and it competes with foreign analogs. Advantages of "Extruder" equipment over foreign samples are as follows:

  1. Price: the price is 5-7 times lower than that of foreign equivalent.
  2. Compactness: overall dimensions of the equipment give a possibility to place it in a small spaced rooms (25-30 m² for press-extruder, around 200 m² for the complex with complete cycle);
  3. The simplicity of assembling: there is no need to assemble the equipment on a special base, hard floor cover is enough; ready-to-operate assembling is possible if the complex with complete cycle;
  4. The simplicity of operation: one operator can serve one complex of complete cycle;
  5. The simplicity of setup: within 8 hours the pressing equipment is readjusted to any suggested technology of producing seed-oil from containing oil crops;
  6. Reliability: many years the equipment worked for consumers prove the reliability and guarantied quality of the production realized;
  7. Universality: due to the special construction of the equipment it can be used n the whole complex with complete production cycle, separately or together with equipment of other producers;
  8. Quality: the produced equipment, on condition that raw products of high quality are processed, produces the product of a high quality which is acknowledged by the certificate of conformity. In order to guarantee the quality all detail of the equipment are produced in the enterprise with the department of product quality control watching it;
  9. Production time: standard equipment is delivered in 2 days from the moment when payment was made. The equipment of individual order is produced in 30-45 days from the moment when 50% prepayment was made.

Due to peculiarities listed above the equipment produced by the enterprise is in demand and it has been working for many years in countries of CIS and far abroad - Poland, Germany, Serbia, Latvia. Production of "Extruder" is released in China under trademark 6DZ-EK-75/1200.
Scientific industrial enterprise "Extruder" has wide work experience in CIS market and also many scientific working outs and practical recommendations in the sphere of agricultural production processing. It is ready to provide equipment and take the responsibility on warranty service and post-warranty service.
We are ready for a serious and long collaboration!
Director General    Sulima V.V.




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